May 18, 2018

Clarification Notice


In a recent cyber bully of an untrusted source “” claiming that
Sweethoney Dessert Group illegally operated and selling of franchises, the content
was taken out of context to describe fasely of the Group which is misleading
information to our customers and the public.
We hereby solemnly declare that 1. Sweethoney Dessert successfully obtained the
registration of the US federal government trademark in 2016. 2. Sweethoney
Dessert was licensed by the Department of Business Oversight Commissioner in
2017 and 2018 to offer and sell franchises.
After our investigation , it is believed that this link is intentionally put up by a thirdparty
to discredited our products and operations, and to disrupt the trust of our
customers and franchisees.
Sweethoney Dessert Group has always strived to proved the quality and service, and
gain the trust of our customers. At the same time, we welcome the healthy
competition amoung our competitors together to impress our dessert lovers.
We’re deeply concerned about this incident, we had reported to the California
Department of Business Oversight, and will take legal action of this matter.
We thank those who brought this unlawful activity to our attention, and mostly for
your support and trust for Sweethoney Dessert. If you have any enquiries, please
feel free to contact us at (510) 918-1178

Sweethoney Dessert Group