Franchise Flowchart

1. Investment Advisory


2. On-the-spot Investigation


3. Qualification Review


4. Award a Contract

5. Site Decoration

6. Headquarters Training

7. Logistics Distribution

8. Opening Preparation

9. Operational Guidance

Franchise Interest

Site Planning

Sweethoney real estate team will assist you for find the location.

Advertising Campaign

SHD promoting our brand nationally.

Technology Transfer

our professional trainer will provide a deep training of each SHD products.

Brand Sharing

Headquarter offer our Logo usage for the franchisee, to maintain the professionalism.

Supervision Service

Headquarter inspecting the product randomly in order to maintain the food quality.

Store Design

Headquarter will offer each store a complete set of the plans from store design, decoration to traffic flow planning.

Area Protection

SHD offer radius restricted to protect our franchisee territory.

New Product Development

SHD launching new products every quarter.

Business Training

Headquarter will Provide store operation techniques, including daily opening and closure operations, bar and kitchen operations, raw material purchase management, etc. POS manual and operation documentation. 14-day courses for training and practice.

Opening Planning

Headquarter will assist our franchisee multiple marketing strategy perspectives, and On-site counseling of management and
operations offered by SHD senior consultant for 14 days.

Site Business Guidance

Headquarter provide one to one project in charge person, make sure our franchisee received full consulting.

Franchise Advantages

Technical Guidance

SHD headquarter provide you with all-round training, Including raw material selection, formula, business strategy, marketing, management, so to make you pick up the operation quickly.

Full Guidance

SHD headquarter provide permanent technical support to our franchisee, regular training and learning to ensure that the entire chain system equipped with the level, allowing you to ensure competitive advantage.

Site Guidance

According to the size of the store, SHD headquarter will send full-time teacher on site for counseling, to ensure our franchisee have smooth transition period.

After-Sale Protection

SHD headquarter providing official website, network, telephone, SMS, Email and other after-sales service channels, to ensure 24 hours after-sales service. Offer the efficient and timely solution to our franchisee that facing.

Supply Management

SHD collaborates with professional factories with accreditation such as ISO, HACCP,etc. to import exclusive products. Through centralized purchasing management to lower costs for our franchisee.

Year-End Support

SHD will hold a regular annual meeting of all franchisee stores to comprehensive evaluation and exchange of experience to ensure of the chain more competitive.

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